Fifth Leg

The Curious Tale of Fifth Leg.

In the heart of Western Australia's famous Margaret River wine region lies the renowned Devil's Lair estate. Stroll past the grape vines a while and you may very well stumble across a cave. A secret cave.

Here, the fossilised skeleton of a Tasmanian tiger was found, together with a mysterious extra leg. How did the tiger get across all the way from Tasmania? Where did the fifth leg come from? These are questions you can throw around over a good bottle of wine.

Since its humble beginnings in 1996, Fifth Leg has continued to source grapes from an array of West Australian vineyards, to create a range of easy going, approachable wines.

The crisp Chardonnay loves a good barbeque. The refreshing Rose is often found chilling with friends. The Fifth Leg Red is popular at dinner parties. And the innovative new Whippersnapper range spends its time charming the customers at cafes and restaurants across Australia.

If you're a serious connoisseur, you'll appreciate these deliciously vibrant wines. And if you simply want a great drop to share, well then you're seriously in luck.

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