Fifth Leg

Behind the Barrel: The Winemaker's Story

Fifth Leg wouldn't be what it is without one essential ingredient. Heart. Our proud winemakers bring an unsurpassed passion to their craft. Under the guidance of Chief Winemaker Oliver Crawford, his young energetic team exude dedication and creativity.

Oliver Crawford

"G'day, I'm Olly. I love making wines. Period. It's not about the awards, but the joy you get from crafting a great wine.

Where did it all start? Well, our family actually owned a winery in Orange, New South Wales. It's where I got a taste for it. After completing an Oenology degree at Roseworthy, I did a stint at Rosemount Estate. Since 2008, I've been at Devil's Lair. Although, I get more pats on the back at barbies because of Fifth Leg.

A lot of the credit must go to Western Australia's wine regions. The maritime influence in the soils and the consistent temperatures allow for extremely good and even ripening. Put simply, it means I have access to some great vineyards.

While my passion is Chardonnay, I'm relishing the chance to once again work with reds and create a range of fantastic, innovative wines."

Michael Kane

"Hi, I'm Mike. My love of wine began, fresh out of high school, when I started working at a wine auctioneers in Perth. I really became interested in the vintages, the wine regions and the varieties.

I wanted to learn more. So I decided to leave the stock room and head to Curtin Uni where I studied Oenology and Viticulture. I was then lucky enough to land a job here at Fifth Leg, working on the 2007 vintage.

Even though I've done the hard yards to get here, it doesn't feel like work at all. It feels like a dream come true. Making fresh, innovative wines is what I live for."

Mireille Hewitt

"Hello there. My name's Mireille. It's not your typical Aussie name, I know. That's because I'm not your typical Aussie. I'm from Zimbabwe.

I remember tasting my first Australian wine. I knew if I was ever to become a winemaker this is where I wanted to be. I've completed a Bachelor of Science in Oenology at the Uni of WA. It was while studying that I fell in love with W.A. and the Margaret River region.

Winemaking is my passion because it's so unique. It's both an art and a science, and you have to find a harmony between the two."